What They’re Saying About Us…

Check out what some of our past clients have had to say about their recent experiences at New Scotland Yard:

“Thomas is totally on the ball. The CLASP system gives all the benefits of a digital workflow while recording to tape. The studio is really comfortable and well equipped and the space is really great for different physical arrangements of mics/instruments so you can get a variety of different sounds to make a bomb record.”


“Back in town and working on finishing the Gypsophilia record and getting David’s set up to go too. Had to write and say thanks for letting us have the run of the place. It’s a really special vibe there and I’m doing my best to spread the word! I absolutely love the sounds we got for both records. Having the console is the shit. Also, gotta say Thomas is the shit too. He’s pro and yet laid back, and he actually likes music which is a way bigger thing then most people realize. He does so much extra stuff that you don’t even notice he’s doing while we’re working, unplugging headphones that aren’t in play between takes, making mic and input lists ( he even took note of my comp settings for recall!!), he’s the perfect combo of old school analog mentality with a healthy respect for how to make it work in the digital world. Anyway, thanks again.”

-Joshua Van Tassel (Producer; David Myles, Gypsophilia)

It was great to walk into New Scotland Yard in April 2014 and have everyone and everything ready for us!  The cables were organized, it was warm, Thomas (Studio Engineer) kept us on a healthy and productive schedule, encouraging us to eat and breath! There was a lot of room to experiment with mic placement and achieve the bigger sound we were looking for for bed tracks.  The studio was also extremely cool to allow a documentary crew to attend our sessions.”
-Christina Martin
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