Spring has finally arrived…

Spring has finally arrived in Nova Scotia, and with it a slew of new music to be on the look out for! This week (May 19) saw the release of Gypsophilia’s “Night Swimming,” recorded here at the ‘Yard, and mixed by our friend Joshua Van Tassel. The 6-piece (sometimes 7-piece) band has made one of the most interesting sounding records we’ve had the pleasure of working on. Check out “Long Shadows” in our player, and “Boo Doo Down” below, recorded (mostly) live-off-the-floor.

Other things to look out for are a couple P.E.I. bands to come through our doors recently, Wildcat and Chaotically Zen. Both rock releases will be out soon, so keep an eye out. Veteran Marc Belliveau also finished compiling 20+ original songs with us over the past few months – we’re going to miss you, Marc! All projects were recorded and mixed here.

This summer we look forward to having Erin Costelo continue to grace us with her warm sounds, as she looks to complete a new record! It’s always a pleasure to have Erin and her incredible band in the studio, recording live and experimenting with sounds.