New sounds at NSY

Since ringing in the new year by installing our 32-channel Rupert Neve Designs 5088 console, there’s been no slowing down in our acquiring of new gear. We’ve got a selection of new stuff from sponsor Radial, including the guitar effects reamper EXTC and PhaseQ phase-alignment tool (which can make for some interesting bass tones!). We love our new Mojave MA-301Fet microphone (so far, on everything!) and are testing out a Beyerdynamic M 160 and a Strymon Lex rotating speaker simulation pedal! We’ve taken on a 1960s Beltone Deluxe head and 2×12 cabinet and had local drum aficionado Tim Black overhaul our entire drum collection with new skins and tunings. Between all that and keeping up on our Universal Audio plug-ins, the last half of this year has new sounds written (charted?) all over it!