Mo Kenney – In My Dreams now available!

SAMO_12Jacket_Standard_RJCWe at the ‘Yard had the great pleasure of working on Mo’s sophomore effort, “In My Dreams.” There was a lot of experimenting going on throughout the making of this album, which was an incredibly fun way to make a record. You never knew what turns each day would take. We even experimented with recording to the old Marantz cassette deck we had lying around, which sounded really cool. There are three different playback filters on that machine that correspond to the different tape formulations they used for cassettes (i.e., iron or chrome), which you can use as filters to get some pretty interesting results. In the end it was a bit too out there to make the record, but we did go there and some other weird places to fully allow this record to creatively take shape. You can buy the album on iTunes, or CD. A vinyl pressing is coming for all you analog freaks (myself included).