Late Summer News!

We’ve been hard at work finishing Erin Costelo’s new album, which is going to be a pretty exciting release! It’s got a bit of everything; heavy percussion, strings, a couple different bands, even harp. I’ve never recorded a harp before so that was fun, stereo mic’d to get some sweeps panning back and forth. The album is currently getting mastered and sounds great! Look for a release in 2016.

Halifax Urban Folk Festival held some rehearsals at the ‘Yard again this year. We were treated to some closed doors performances with Neil Osborne of 54-40 and Chuck Prophet! Some killer songwriting between those two veterans, and we had front row seats.

Shotgun Jimmie came through with his band (aka Human Music) early in August and we pumped out a full-length album with Joel at the helm in 4 days! The band was super well-rehearsed and took suggestions on the fly – two key attributes necessary to pulling off such a fast turnaround. It also helps that a guy like Jimmie can effortlessly keep the morale going with his niceties and funnies. The well-oiled machine of Joel and Thomas kicked it into high gear and the 4-day sprint produced a great record.

Upcoming projects at NSY include our buddies Mardeen, The Rebel Prospects, and jazz pianist/composer/singer Zoe Leger. A few other exciting things are coming down the pipeline soon as well. Not to mention the craziness that is the storefront right now (notice the new splash page)!