Fall in New Scotland

The Brood Polaroid

We’ve been keeping busy this fall, with plenty of interesting projects coming through the studio! To kick off the season we hosted rehearsals for the headlining acts of Halifax Urban Folk Festival and their Halifax All-Star bands. It was great to see the international artists so impressed with our local talent! The months since have seen Anne Janelle record and mix a song here, Roxy & The Underground Soul Sound mix their album here, Gypsophilia is wrapping up a new full-length, and Erin Costelo comes in next week to start a new record. We hosted a bit of a get together for Halifax Pop Explosion and asked our friends The Brood to play it with the lights out and the movie “Track of the Cat” projected onto them. Hopefully everyone in attendance got their Polaroid taken, all the photos are now hanging proudly on our wall of fame!

Everyone loves hearing about new gear (right?) so here goes: in the past little while we’ve added a new-to-us Tube pre-amp/compressor (Summit Audio MPC-100A), Leslie 122 cabinet (in perfect shape!), Rhodes 73 (with tone and vibrato controls and an awesome 4×10 stereo amp), and Heintzman baby grand piano!! There are a couple other things in the works we are excited to announce soon…

Lastly, we’d like to congratulate everyone on their Nova Scotia Music Awards! We look forward to another year of awesome homegrown music.