Rupert Neve Designs 5088 – 32 channel (16 loaded with 5032 mic pre/eqs)

Recorders and Software:
Studer A-80 2″ 16 track (15 & 30 ips)
Studer A-810 1/4″ two track (7.5, 15 & 30 ips)
Studer A-810 1/4″ mono deck (7.5, 15 & 30 ips)
32 channels of Universal Audio Apollo digital converters
Endless Analog CLASP 16 (integrates Pro Tools and 2″ analog tape seamlessly)
Pro Tools 12Logic
Mac Mini computer with SSD Drive
HHB Burnit CD player/ burner

2 Klein and Hummel 0-300
2 Dynaudio BM-5A
2 Auratone 5c
Furman HDS-16 headphone amp with 6 Furman HRM personal headphone mixers
5 pairs of Gk Ultraphones (high isolation headphones with Sony 7506 drivers)
3 pairs of Sennheiser HD 380

Neumann M-150 tube condenser
Neumann KM 184 small condenser (2)
Neumann TLM 103 condenser
Neumann KM 105 vocal condenser (2)
Advanced Audio CM47 (U-47 copy)
Mojave MA 300 FET condenser
Royer 122V Ribbon
Cloud JRS-34A Ribbon
Cascade Fathead Ribbon
Audio Technica ATM 31 small condenser
Audio Technica AT4041 small condenser
AKG D112
Sennheiser e902
Sennheiser 421 (2)
Shure SM7
Shure SM 57 (3)
Shure SM 58
Sennheiser 835
Realistic PZM

Preamps, Compressors, EQ’s, DIs:
16 Rupert Neve Designs 5032 mic pre/eqs
Helios 500 series mic pre/ EQ
Electrodyne 501 mic pre/ DI
SSL XL channel strip – mic pre/gate/compressor
Universal Audio 6176 – tube mic pre/ compressor
Universal Audio LA 610 – tube mic pre/ compressor
Summit MPC 100 – tube mic pre/ compressor
Altec 1567 Tube mixer/ mic pre
Summit DCL 200 – stereo tube compressor
API 2500 – stereo buss compressor
Rupert Neve Designs 5043 stereo compressor
Shadow Hills 500 series mono Optograph compressor
Anamod AM660 Limiter (Fairchild 660 copy)
Empirical Labs Derresser de-esser
ART Pro VLA stereo compressor
2 JLM Audio PEQ500 EQ’s (Pultec –esque)
Electrodyne 511 EQ
2 Avalon U-5 direct boxes
UREI stereo EQ
Radial SGI guitar interface
Radial EXTC – effects send and return
Radial Gold Digger – mic preamp selector

EMT 240 – stereo plate “gold foil” reverb (solid state)
Orban Stereo spring reverb
Fulltone tube tape echo
Dynacord tape echo
Electro-harmonix Memory Man analog delay pedal
DeltaLab Effectron Jr – delay/flanger

Studio guitars and basses:
1980s Fender Squier stratocaster
1960s Japanese Telecaster copy
1979 Gretsch Super Axe
1978 Gibson RD
1960s Goya Rangemaster hollow body
2009 Fender Jaguar baritone guitar
1965 Fender VII 12 string “Stairway to Heaven” electric
1975 Fender Precision bass
1970s Ibanez bass (Gibson EBO copy)
1960’s Harmony H22 hollow body bass
1930s Regal acoustic tenor guitar
2007 Munroe electric tenor guitar
1968 Gibson B-45 acoustic 12 string guitar
2007 Alabama mandola
1940s Harmony mandolin
1920s Bruno tiple guitar
MSA 12 string pedal steel guitar

1960s Ludwig sparkle blue kit (20”, 15”, 13”)
1940s 24” WFL kick drum
26” metal Ludwig marching kick drum
1960s deep Ludwig Supraphonic metal snare
1950s WFL wooden snare
2 1950s Ludwig wooden snares (deep and shallow)
1960s Crown kick and tom
2 1960s Kent “crazy rim shot” snares
2 1960s Kent toms
Large selection of vintage Zildjian & Paiste cymbals

1969 Fender Vibrochamp
1968 Fender Bandmaster Reverb and cabinet
2002 Fender Pro Junior
1960s Sonola (Guild) stereo combo amp (2×35 watts) with tremolo
1960s Beltone 25 watt tube amp with trem/reverb and 2×12 cabinet
1960s Beltone small tube amp with tremolo
1960s Bogen tube head
1960s Signet tube head
1960s Kent tube head with tremolo
2 1960s Arc tube amps – 5 watts of pure muscle

Heintzman 6 foot baby grand piano
1908 Pease “Cabinet Grand” upright piano
Hammond B-3 Organ
Leslie 122 Rotary Speaker Cabinet
1950s Hammond M-100 Spinet Tonewheel Organ
Rhodes 73 key with tone control, tremolo and matching speaker cabinet
Wurlitzer 200 (red!)
Hohner Clavinet/Pianet Duo
Nord Electro
MicroKorg synth
Yamaha CP10
MultiVox MX20
Salanti Accordian
Realistic cheapo

1970s Roland TR 55 drum machine
Tama Techstar drum triggers
3 large vintage RCA microphone stands
Selection of fuzz, wah and delay pedals
Six large gobo movable walls for isolation